Raymond Dolen

Civil Litigation Defense Attorney in
Redlands, California

Mr. Dolen specializes in civil litigation defense on behalf of public entities and corporations. Throughout his career, Mr. Dolen has handled hundreds of cases for public entities in State and Federal Courts.

Sexual Abuse Cases

Mr. Dolen has handled over 80 cases involving allegations of sexual abuse for public entities such as San Bernardino County Children & Family Services. He has represented religious orders and dioceses as well as corporations. He has represented Cardinal Bernard Law and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. 
Religious institutions (30+ cases)
County of San Bernardino 
School bus companies 
School Districts 

School District Representation

Mr. Dolen has represented numerous public entities including school districts, counties and bus companies on cases involving bullying, wrongful death, personal injury and sexual abuse. This includes over 20 different school districts and the California School for the Deaf.
Mr. Dolen has also handled over 200 cases for school bus companies like Laidlaw Transit, Inc., Mayflower and First Student.

Public Entity Defense

Mr. Dolen has handled more than 150 dangerous condition cases for cities, counties, school districts, special districts, and the State of California on cases involving roadways, playgrounds, flood control channels and buildings.
He has handled employment related matters for public entities and businesses including two class action cases for the County of San Bernardino, one of which involved 950 plaintiffs.
Additional experience includes wrongful
death cases and employment law cases for a wide range of clients in State and Federal Courts and excessive force cases on behalf of police departments and sheriff departments.


Noah Reed v. County of San Bernardino (CFS)

JNOV motion granted reversing verdict of $113,000,000
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Plaintiff, a 5 year old boy, was severely abused by his father's live-in girlfriend over several months. As a result, plaintiff sustained catastrophic brain damage leaving him a spastic quadriplegic. He was blinded in half his visual field. He was also sexually abused.  Abuse allegations were twice made to San Bernardino's Child Abuse Hotline before the most explosive, violent episode. One of the calls was made by the perpetrator's own mother. 

The County knew this would be one of the most emotional and significant trials in its history. However, the case raised important issues concerning immunities applicable to public entities. Mr. Dolen argued that the County social worker did not violate any mandatory duty owed to plaintiff or his family. The jury was overwhelmed by the nature and extent of the plaintiff's injuries and rendered an award in his favor for $113,00,000. 

Post-verdict Mr. Dolen filed a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict (JNOV) and a motion for new trial or, in the alternative, for remittitur.  The motion for JNOV was granted in its entirety completely reversing the award and giving the County an outright defense verdict. As a backup, the Court also granted the motion for new trial which would take effect only if the Court of Appeal reverses the order which granted the JNOV motion. The matter is now on appeal. 

Reyes v. Chino Valley Unified School District

Award of $44k to plaintiff.

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Plaintiff broke his neck learning to wrestle in an incoming freshman wrestling camp offered at Ayala High School in Chino Hills. The injury necessitated a corpectomy and C4-6 cervical fusion. Plaintiff's C5 vertebrae was removed and replaced with an artificial cage. Plaintiff and his father signed a release prior to participation in the camp, but plaintiff alleged that school district representatives were grossly negligent in operating and supervising the camp. Jurors disagreed and found no negligence at all. Mr. Dolen and Mr. Popka tried this case together. 

Jones v. County of San Bernardino

Award of $44k to plaintiff.
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Plaintiff, a prisoner, struck a fellow inmate with a food tray in the jail cafeteria. In an effort to prevent a riot deputies administered 20 knee drops to plaintiffs head during the take down. In the process, plaintiff sustained two facial fractures. In this case an award was rendered in favor of plaintiff for $44,000 in U.S. Federal Court.  

Matthews v. Laidlaw

Admitted liability. Award of $600k to plaintiff. Plaintiff’s demand was $1M.
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Creel v. School Bus Company

Plaintiff awarded $226k after rejecting a pre-trial offer of $225k.
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Licensure &

New York State Bar Association,
Massachusetts State Bar
Association, 1986
California State Bar Association,
Central District of California,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, 1982
Boston University School of Law,
Boston, MA
  • Juris Doctorate Degree
  • Edward F. Hennessey Scholar, 1985